Netbooting Sun 3

From: Jochen Kunz <>
Date: Sun Sep 7 14:06:00 2003

On 2003.09.04 11:35 David Coolbear wrote:

> With NetBSD, the sun gets an ip address from rarpd, gets a bootloader
> from tftp but then times out:
> root on le0
> nfs_boot: trying RARP (and RFC/bootparam)
> nfs_boot: client_addr= (RARP from
> nfs_boot: timeout
I had (possibly) the same error when I netbooted a SPARCstation 1+ from
a FreeBSD machine. It was quite simple. The primitive IP stack of the
netloader on the client machine can't answer arp requests. But the
server broadcasts a arp (arp, not rarp) when the tftp or NFS action is
starting. Solution was simple: Set the arp information for the client
on the host paermanent. Somthing like
arp -s 00:11:22:33:44:55 permanent
on the boot server.

I successfully installed NetBSD via netboot on a 3/60 back in the
NetBSD 1.3 days. It should still work. Did you check the NetBSD
diskless HOWTO?
SunOS, did you check and
If you have speciffic problems with SunOS on Sun3, ask Peter, the man
behind the Sun3 Zoo. He is very kind and helpfull.
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