IBM PC/XT 3.5" floppy drivers

From: Rich Beaudry <>
Date: Sun Sep 7 14:45:01 2003

>> I have an old IBM 3.5" 720KB floppy, meant to be installed in an XT. The
>> kit came with a 5.25" floppy that contained drivers, and a program called
>> "35INSTAL.COM".

>If you upgrade to DOS 3.20 or newer, then you do NOT need that disk.
>If your XT has IBM's BIOS, then you need to add DRIVER.SYS to your
>If you are using a non-IBM BIOS, then you can use DRIVPARM instead
>(in MS-DOS, and present but not documented in PC-DOS)
>NOTE: DRIVPARM is incompatible with IBM's BIOS.
>If you want to use DOS <3.20, then you want that disk.
>NOTE: SOME versions of MS-DOS 2.11 support 720K.


That did it! And a big "duh" on my part ....

The PC in question is an original IBM PC/XT 5160, and it has a 1/2 height
360KB drive, and a hard drive (10MB full-height 5.25" w/ XEBEC Controller).
There was a hole above the 360KB drive dying to have a drive put in :-), so
I added the 720KB disk (an original IBM part). The hard drive boots IBM DOS
3.30, so I gave DRIVER.SYS a try -- It worked first shot! Of course, I
could have looked in my IBM DOS 3.30 manual, but that would have been to
easy :-)

Thanks again!

Rich B.
Received on Sun Sep 07 2003 - 14:45:01 BST

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