id this Performance Technology Inc card?

From: Joe <>
Date: Sun Sep 7 15:12:01 2003

  Found two of these this morning. I think they're some kind of bridge
board but I'm not sure. The cards are about 4 x 7" and have three LSI on
them along with various EPROMS and SSI ICs. The three main ICs are a
NCR/5380 SCSI interface, a WDC 2793 FD controller and a Hitachi HD63B03
CPU. Also has a 4 pin power connector like that used on a disk drive. Three
are two other coonectrors, one is a 34 pin IDC header and the other is a 50
pin IDC header. There are also three socketed resistor packs (terminating

   Anybody know any more about these?

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