Tandy 1000s was Re: PCjr goes for over $150

From: Dr. Ido <drido_at_optushome.com.au>
Date: Mon Sep 8 01:28:00 2003

At 05:25 PM 9/7/03 -0400, you wrote:
>Which was the better machine, the pcjr or the tandy 1000 clone?

Personally I prefer the Tandy 1000. The PCjr was never released here in
Australia. We got the PC JX which is basically a PCjr with 3.5" floppy
drives and expansion modules that stack on top of the machine rather than
alongside it.

I like the Tandy 1000s because the later models were upgraded quite nicely
over the original Tandy 1000/PCjr while still retaining compatibility with
the 3 voice sound and the 16 color graphics mode.

I've got a Tandy 1000RL which has an 8Mhz 8086-2, 640KB RAM, DOS 3.3 in
ROM, 720KB 3.5" floppy, 40MB XT/IDE hard disk and standard PS/2
keyboard/mouse ports (I did like the original Tandy 1000 keyboard, but the
layout can be a pain sometimes).
The case is tiny and it only has 1 ISA slot, but there isn't much you need
to add to it. I currently have an Hitachi CDROM controller card in there
running an old external single speed CDROM (which believe it or not
actually reads CDRs), but I may swap that for a network card in future.

On the subject of Tandy 1000s, did anyone ever manage to get an Inboard/386
card working in one? I remember getting some old 286 upgrade card working
in a 1000SX, but that card didn't have onboard RAM so the speed increase
was minimal. I could never get any of the cards with onboard RAM to work.
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