Need Covalent Terminal info

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 00:54:00 2003

  A considerable amount of Googling, et al., has turned up no
readily-available info, so I apply here:

  I have a Covalent Systems model 1410 terminal, which I bought at
Weirdstuff last VCF, because cosmetically it *looks* like a VT100...
anyway it was cheap and it works, but it appears not to emulate any known
DEC CRT in it's present configuration, and the two sets of dipswitches
on the back are cleverly un-marked. (Why do 'engineers' DO this shit???
Are they ashamed of their work? DO they hate techs??)

 Anyway, if anyone has any Covalent terminal info, or can point me to
same, I'd be Much Obliged.

  The Collateral good news is that my 11/44 system has survived the move
and garage temps over 110F and booted up this afternoon (now that it's
cooling off a bit in northwestern Nevada) with no problems at all. I've
spent the last few hours poking around on it and trying to remember how to
drive RSX11 without having to drag a bunch of manuals out.

  I was using the Covalent for the system console, and a VT220 for the
user term. I have a Decwriter on the way to use for the Console - and, I
can now have my dream come true: the Machine will live in the Garage, and
the terminals will be in my office - where it's Quiet.


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