SVGA with DE9

From: TeoZ <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 11:45:01 2003

I think the commodore 128 had a digital output that went to a 9 pin
connection and probably would make a mess connected to a analog 9 pin cga

Most pc cables are idiot proof, its when your connecting a non PC (or older
almost PC compatible) to a PC monitor that you have to be carefull. I hate
companies like tandy that switched wires on their "standard" cables so you
HAD to buy their version.

Even if they do mate correctly you have to worry about 15khz outputs (amiga,
atari st, c64 etc) that dont sync on modern 30+Khz monitors without some
kind of help in between.

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> Just as a quick warning, I got magic zaps (bad electrical sounds in the
> monitor) once when I used a random HD15/DE9 cable. Don't screw
> things down on the first try. There are a *few* standards for DE9-VGA
> apparently. It would be best to know the pinout of your monitor first.
> I now will not "wing it" unless I'm willing to lose the monitor.
> John A.
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