SVGA with DE9

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 11:42:00 2003

At 11:52 AM 9/8/03 -0400, you wrote:
>>Do you mean "DB9" connectors?
>I was under the impression that the small D shell size was an "E" not a
>"B". That "B" was the larger size commonly found on 25 pin connectors
>(lets not split hairs here, everyone knows what I mean by 25 pin
>connector... ie:


   Note, that even D what-ever is not entirely correct. Different
manufacturers call it different things.

>But I am curious what the Sun monitor connector is called (that one that
>is a DB shell with 3 large barrel pins as well as some smaller pins).

   I've always heard it called a 13W3.I don't know if that it's officail
designation or not. It's widely used on SUN and SGI monitors.

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