SVGA with DE9

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 15:34:01 2003

> Do you mean "DB9" connectors?

No, I am sure he means DE9 connectors (and is using the term correctly).
The second letter in the name gives the connector shell size (how big it
is physcially). The only 'DB's are the DB25 (PC parallel port and _real_
RS232 port) and DB44 (the high deinsity version, not commonly used).

The PC/AT serial port is a DE9, no matter what most PC-droids call it :-)

Incidentally, I have a VGA monitor here with a DE15 socket (normal VGA
connector) for the input. WIth it came a cable with a DE15 plug on each
end. Only thing is, the pinout of the monitor connector is not even close
to normal VGA, so the cable is not wired pin-pin. So far, so good. The
problem is that the cable has to be used the right way round, and the
_only_ visible difference between the ends is the colour of the
insulation between the pins (the moulded connector covers are the same
grey on each end). If you plug the wrong end of the cable into the
monitor you get no display.

It took me many minutes armed with a 'scope to figure out why I had a
dark screen after connecting this thing to a known-good Xterminal box...

I want to know what sort of idiot came up with that piece of design....

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