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From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 16:56:00 2003

Your experience is not uncommon among customers of
Darek's ("Idiots" as he likes to term them).

Sorry to hear you also had a problem with him.

You are in great company though. LOL!!!

Al Hartman
(Macintosh Emulation List Host)

> From: <>
> Dennis- did anyone ever help you out? I'm far from
> Atari these days, brain-dust at this point, but I
> was trying to remember who made the Happy, and
> your post was the first thing shown in the Google
> search. I might have a copy of the manual
> somewhere, buried in this house, if you still need
> help. I decided a few nights ago to see what was
> new in the emulator world, having briefly attempted
> to convert over to that in the mid-90's, and had
> such a hostile and arrogant reply from Darek
> Mihocka, what a ******. It brought back memories
> of other unpleasant individuals in this same genre
> of the old Atari world from years past.
> best,
> Rob
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