info on Two Technologies device (hand held terminal?)

From: Joe <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 17:53:00 2003

  I picked this up the other day. I THINK it's a hand held terminal. It was
made by Two Technologies Inc of Horsham, Pa and it's model number is
TT1-R2-2. It's a blue box slightly larger than a pack of cigarettes and has
a LCD screen and a membrane type keyboard. The keyboard seems to have all
the usually alphabetic, numeric and puctuation keys plys F1 to F5, Shift,
Control, Space, Back Space and Enter. it has a curly cord on the bottom.
The curly cord has RJ-11 six pin connector on each end. It does not have
any batteries or power connection so it must get it's power from what ever
it's plugged into. I searched the net but didn't find anything about Two
Industries or this device. Is anyone familar with it?

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