Apple I replicas to be available

From: J.C. Wren <>
Date: Mon Sep 8 19:40:01 2003

Are you sure about this? From the Q&A:

Q: Isn?t the Woz Monitor the property of Apple?

 A: More than likely yes. But Woz was contacted about this and gave his ok. He
stated that he handed it out along with his schematics long before there was
an Apple computer company. Apple also turned all hardware and software
matters over to the Apple 1 club and this project started and is still under
the club.

Wouldn't the "hardware and software matters" cover the PCB?


On Monday 08 September 2003 19:51 pm, Eric Smith wrote:
> "Tothwolf" <> wrote:
> > I wonder if he will offer kits? I talked to Woz awhile back, and also got
> > his blessing on making replicas. The only problem was that I did not have
> > access to an Apple I to copy it's PC board. I'd wanted (and still would
> > like to) create an exact reproduction of an Apple I.
> The PCB layout is copyrighted by Apple Computer. You'd need their
> permission as well, unless Apple has given the Apple 1 rights back
> to Woz.
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