Another Apple 1 for sale

From: Chandra Bajpai <>
Date: Tue Sep 9 14:41:43 2003

Found this while searching around..I think he discounted the price to
(A) Apple 1 computer in case.
(B) Five (5) original manuals, a complete set, as of this time I
know of no one else that has a complete set of manuals.
(C) Three (3) original Apple 1 cassette tapes from Apple Computer
(D) The SWTPC PR-40 printer. This printer itself is an antique and
hard to find. It is unique to the Apple 1 computer because of an article
in InterFace Age magazine, Oct 1976 by Steven Jobs.
(E) The InterFace Age magazine, dated Oct 1976.
(F) The Nuts & Volts magazine, July 2002 issue. Has an article and
pictures on the Apple 1 computer.
(G) A+, an Apple magazine, dated Jan 1987. The 10 year anniversary
of the Apple II but has pictures of the Apple 1. Done with Steve
(H) The Brief Case, pictures on web site.
(I) Last but not least, the postcard that was signed by Steve
Wozniak, a prized possession.
     The cost of the Apple 1 system is thirty thousand ($30,000) US
dollars. You must be able to pick up the system or arrange to have it
picked up. Other conditions apply but will discuss with the buyer before
agreeing on a deal for the Apple 1 system. I reserve the right to refuse
any offer. If more that one party is interested, highest offer will get
the Apple 1 system provided all conditions are meet.
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