Another Apple 1 for sale

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Date: Tue Sep 9 15:14:01 2003

He should sell it to those guys in Nigeria, the 419 boys.

Let me know when the price drops to just ludicrous.

Gary Hildebrand
St. Joseph, MO

> Found this while searching around..I think he discounted the price to
> $20K
> -Chandra
> (A) Apple 1 computer in case.
> (B) Five (5) original manuals, a complete set, as of this time I
> know of no one else that has a complete set of manuals.
> (C) Three (3) original Apple 1 cassette tapes from Apple Computer
> Co.
> (D) The SWTPC PR-40 printer. This printer itself is an antique and
> hard to find. It is unique to the Apple 1 computer because of an article
> in InterFace Age magazine, Oct 1976 by Steven Jobs.
> (E) The InterFace Age magazine, dated Oct 1976.
> (F) The Nuts & Volts magazine, July 2002 issue. Has an article and
> pictures on the Apple 1 computer.
> (G) A+, an Apple magazine, dated Jan 1987. The 10 year anniversary
> of the Apple II but has pictures of the Apple 1. Done with Steve
> Wozniak.
> (H) The Brief Case, pictures on web site.
> (I) Last but not least, the postcard that was signed by Steve
> Wozniak, a prized possession.
> The cost of the Apple 1 system is thirty thousand ($30,000) US
> dollars. You must be able to pick up the system or arrange to have it
> picked up. Other conditions apply but will discuss with the buyer before
> agreeing on a deal for the Apple 1 system. I reserve the right to refuse
> any offer. If more that one party is interested, highest offer will get
> the Apple 1 system provided all conditions are meet.
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