Free: HP 64000

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Date: Tue Sep 9 15:56:01 2003


I was searching Google for anyone interested in a HP 64000
that I adopted (more like left on my porch :) and came a
cross an newgroup posting you had made and was wondering
if you could help me out.

The system was given to me under the pretext that it would
come with a a 6809 pod, but alas it only has a Z80 Pod and
something like an 8047 Pod. It did come with all the
docs. plus extra components.

Do you know where I could find a 6809 Pod for this beatie.
If you do know where I can get a 6809 pod for free or very
cheap, I would appreciate knowing about it. If not, do
you know of anyone interested in taking the system for
free. I live in the Seattle area, so it's free to anyone
willing to pick it up. Thanks!

Jim Cox
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