Gawd damn bugs!

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Date: Wed Sep 10 14:15:00 2003

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> On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> > I just found out that two of my magazine boxes were attacked by some
> > damn little wormy things. They were white and about a quarter inch in
> > length. They'd come up through a crack in the foundation of my warehouse
> > and started eating away at the file boxes. Fortunately, they seemed to
> > like the cardboard way more than the magazines, though they did take out
> > significant chunks of a couple issues of Kilobaud Computing from 1979
> > (bastards!) They also left a lot of wormy poop behind, and unless I'm
> > smelling the acid from the paper breaking down, they left a stink too.
> >
> > Damn punk-ass bitch wormy things.
> >
> > Has anyone else had issues like this? How did these fuckers find my
> > boxes out of all the damn cracks they could have crawled out of? What
> > are they? Termites?
> >
> > Now I have to waste time filling in the cracks so this doesn't happen
> > again. I can't have gawd damn wormy things eating my damn computer
> > stuff!
> Ouch, termites...
> I've had problems with some little silver looking bugs I was told were
> 'silverfish'. They eat *anything* that is paper, including but not limited
> to; boxes, notebooks, and even the paper labels on pc boards and ICs! I'd
> love to know of a way to get rid of them, but since my garage is not 100%
> sealed, I dunno how effective anything would be.
> -Toth

I am sure there are alot of chemicals made from natural material that keep
bugs away (like citronella candles keep insects away at outdoor parties.
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