Gawd damn bugs!

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Date: Wed Sep 10 15:02:00 2003

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>> On Tue, 9 Sep 2003, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
>> > I just found out that two of my magazine boxes were attacked by some
>> > damn little wormy things. They were white and about a quarter inch in
>> > length. They'd come up through a crack in the foundation of my warehouse
>> > and started eating away at the file boxes. Fortunately, they seemed to
>> > like the cardboard way more than the magazines, though they did take out
>> > significant chunks of a couple issues of Kilobaud Computing from 1979
>> > (bastards!) They also left a lot of wormy poop behind, and unless I'm
>> > smelling the acid from the paper breaking down, they left a stink too.
>> >
>> > Damn punk-ass bitch wormy things.
>> >
>> > Has anyone else had issues like this? How did these fuckers find my
>> > boxes out of all the damn cracks they could have crawled out of? What
>> > are they? Termites?
>> >
>> > Now I have to waste time filling in the cracks so this doesn't happen
>> > again. I can't have gawd damn wormy things eating my damn computer
>> > stuff!
>> Ouch, termites...
>> I've had problems with some little silver looking bugs I was told were
>> 'silverfish'. They eat *anything* that is paper, including but not limited
>> to; boxes, notebooks, and even the paper labels on pc boards and ICs! I'd
>> love to know of a way to get rid of them, but since my garage is not 100%
>> sealed, I dunno how effective anything would be.
>> -Toth
>I am sure there are alot of chemicals made from natural material that keep
>bugs away (like citronella candles keep insects away at outdoor parties.

   Ha!, ha!, ha!, ha! You want to come down here to Florida and prove it?
I have Citronella plants growing all around my house and they don't even
slow the bugs down. ditto marigolds, penny royal, etc. Furthermore the
termites only live in the ground or inside of mud tunnels that connect to
the ground. The only way to kill them is to saturate the ground with
pesticide BEFORE you built on it. You can built an airtight tent over a
house and fumigate it but that will only kill the bugs that are in the
house (and not even all of them). It won't touch the ones that in still in
the ground. As if things weren't bad enough, there's a new termite here in
Florida that I've been told came from Formosa. It can actually chew through
concrete to get to wood!

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