Help with a eprom

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 15:00:05 2003

  I have a GOOD stock of 27128s. I can attempt to burn the EPROM or I can
send someone else a couple of EPROMs if they want to do it. However there's
a big hamfest coming up this weekend so I won't have time to do anything
before next week.

  Where are you at TeoZ?


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>> I don't intend to waste time duplicating effort. If someone else
>> has a 27c128 ready to burn, then that will save me hunting through
>> my box of old proms. I know that I have a 27c256 and am guessing
>> that by burning the code into both halves of the 27c256, it will
>> work just fine.
>> TeoZ needs to coordinate this effort a bit...
>> --tom
>I dont want to waste anybodies time either, I told a few people out of the
>country that I was looking for somebody in the US since postage is more
>expensive and shipping takes alot longer. A couple people have replied in
>the US but havnt heard from anybody that has found the desired chip and can
>use the file I sent. I have no idea if a 27c256 would work on the old card.
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