Gawd damn bugs!

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Sep 10 15:00:10 2003

    I have a couple of close friends in the exterminating business. Let me
tell you, there's NOTHING that's truely effective on termites anymore since
the EPA took Clorodane off the market. The replacement chemicals costs over
$80/gallon (wholesale!) and you have to use it full strength instead of
dilluting it. Even then it is marginal and the area has to be retreated
every two years.

  Score another success for the bugs and the EPA!


At 10:40 AM 9/10/03 -0700, you wrote:
>there are new bait systems now for treatment, but one wonders if the
>extermination companies really want to get rid of what they can charge you a
>yearly maint. contract for.
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>> On Wed, 10 Sep 2003, Marvin Johnston wrote:
>> > They sound like subterrainian termites. They have sometimes been
>> > described as about the size of a grain of rice, and have "mud" tunnels
>> > in the areas they are damaging.
>> YES! Exactly!
>> > In my experience, they will tend to go
>> > for the cardboard and softer woods. I had a number of books, magazines,
>> > and docs destroyed by them a few years ago. I had a termite inspector
>> > come in, and they were all over one side of the house. While the house
>> > was also fumigated, some type of chemical was also put onto the ground
>> > to discourage them. The best treatment I've heard was to make your house
>> > unattractive to them so they will go after your neighbors house :).
>> This is my landlord's problem. I'm sure other businesses in the complex
>> might be having similar problems.
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