MOS operating System?

From: G Manuel <>
Date: Thu Sep 11 08:31:01 2003

> MOS (also called PC/MOS, and the later PC/MOS-386) were multi-user,
> single-tasking versions of a DOS, more or less compatible with the
> MS- and PC-DOS systems. MOS ran on the larger 286 and 386 systems,
> and DID use their hardware segmentation (286) and protection (386)
> support.

>And bloody difficult to find - been after it for years :-(



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Are you looking for PC-MOS? I have a boxed copy of PC-MOS/386 here with
manuals and disks. Contact me off list if interested. I am in the US but
will ship it anywhere. It shouldn't be to much to ship, it come in one
slipcase binder.

Greg Manuel
gmanuel at

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