OCR'ing old manuals

From: Jason McBrien <jbmcb_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Fri Sep 12 08:11:01 2003

Omnipage Pro works nicely, will read/scan just about anything ( I'm using it
to slowly OCR stuff the PDFs from the SPIES archive ) Unfortunatly it costs
a bundle. You gets what you pay for.

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Subject: OCR'ing old manuals

> Hi,
> Any recommendations for OCR software (preferably Windows 2000 - spit!)
> allow the user to read from a image file rather than the software being
> incorporated with scanner software?
> Pete kindly loaned me a whole pile of documentation, and I can get it back
> him far quicker if I can just scan all the pages as TIFF images for now
> worry about passing it through OCR software at a later date!
> It would also be nice if said software was a) free :) and b) able to
> automatically recurse through a directory tree (or at least run from the
> command line without user input so that I can script that)
> cheers
> Jules
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