OCR'ing old manuals

From: Paul Williams <paul_at_frixxon.co.uk>
Date: Fri Sep 12 12:05:01 2003

Jason McBrien wrote:

> Omnipage Pro works nicely, will read/scan just about anything

Seconded. It'll quite happily run from a watched directory and will work
its way through almost any type of file, including PDFs, and dump the
results to another directory in whatever form you want. I'm very pleased
with the quality of the output text.

It will cough and die if you accidentally pass it some large schematics
and you may then have to go and manually delete its temporary files
before it'll start up again, but other than that it'll quite happily run
unattended on a spare PC.

> ( I'm using it to slowly OCR stuff the PDFs from the SPIES archive )

Snap! (Though only the DEC stuff for now.)

If only Omnipage Pro was available for Linux, I'd be shot of Windows for

- Paul
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