PAL & RGB on Cub monitors - a partial answer, and more questions

From: Alan Geering <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 11:04:30 2003

OK, I've managed to find a part answer to the question I asked a while back.
(What inputs did the Microvitec Cub Monitors have?)

Microvitec 653 cub monitors came in a few flavours:

MS = the cub in metal case as most people are used to
LS/LI = plastic casing ("structured foam" case)

1451 = standard monitor with TTL inputs (BBC B, RM 480Z, Electron & Oric)
1455 = dual standard monitor TTL or 1v/75ohm video (BBC, Oric, Electron, RM
480Z, RM 380Z)
1459 = 1v p-p/75ohm video input (RM 380Z, DEC Rainbow, Crommenco 501)
1456 = Mac & IBM versions differing only in color sets

There was however a Triple Standard monitor - which I would like to track
down - the brochure for which statesinputs as: PAL/TTL/Analogue (1v/75ohm).
This was a 20" version.

Looking at the circuit diagrams for the triple standard interface I can see
that what it means by PAL & 1v/75ohm Video is the following:
PAL = what I would call composite video with colors encoded as PAL
1v/75ohm video = RGBS, BNC sockets for RGB and BNC socket for S which is
also the PAL/Composite input (cunningly the monitor circuits also alow for

I've not managed to find a diagram of the Dual Standard interface so I can't
say what the connectors look like on the back. For now I'm assuming they
were just BNC sockets.

Does anyone have the 1459 version of the Cub? Can they please let me know
what the rear looks like.
Does anyone have the 1455 Dual Standard version of the Cub? same info would
be useful.

Finally: Does anyone know where I could find 1455 & 1459 versions?
Thanks again,
Alan geering

>From: (Tony Duell)
>Subject: Re: PAL RGB on Cub monitors
>Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 21:52:49 +0100 (BST)
> > Forgive me, I'm new to BBC computers and associated techology
> >
> > What I would like to know is whether the cube looking monitor
> > cub?) that came with BBC computers had the following:
> >
> > A scart input that took a PAL RGB 1v p-p signal that sync'd on green?
>No Microvitec cub ever had a SCART socket.
>There were serveral models. Most has RGB inputs, which were internally
>link-selectable to be either TTL level digital (giving 8 colours on the
>screen), or 1V analogue. I think all models had separate sync inputs.
>There was a model (which I have never seen!) which had a built-in PAL
>decoder. This took 1V composite video. The input was a BNC socket IIRC.
>I don't know what a 'PAL RGB' signal is. PAL is a method of colour
>encoding, RGB implies separate signals for the 3 primary colours. One
>signal can't be both!
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