OT? - How to run a DOS BBS directly attached to a Terminal

From: Ken Kirkby <kenacms_at_ngatoro.terrigal.net.au>
Date: Fri Sep 12 11:04:36 2003

Hi there, >
> Hello,
> This may be OFF TOPIC but I did run WWIV more than 10 years ago.
> My question is how to run a DOS BBS directly attached to a Terminal Server.
> That is without a modem. I have a PicoWeb server which basically allows one
> to connect a serial device directly to ethernet and comunicates via TCP/IP.
> It works and I can talk with it via Telnet. However I want to run a classic
> BBS such as WWIV. I have tried my backup copy from circa 1992 and
> it really wants a modem. I have tried the current version too without luck.
> So is there any old style BBSes which will work with a direct connection to
> a terminal (in my case a serial to ethernet convertor)? I would want
> chains.txt
> support so I could run the great online games.

Well you could look at Fido12w which I think was the last release of
Fido, the bulletin board software which inspired fido net.
> I could run WWIV with my two V.everything modems back to back but that
> IS overkill. Is there any other solution? Has anyone tried this?
> Thanks
> Max
Ken Kirkby
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