Needed - VT terminal

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 14:56:00 2003

John Lawson wrote:

> I use VanDyke's CRT, on a n IBM Thinkpad laptop, as a console for my
> I have a few VT220s and a re-badged Televideo VT100 lookalike, but when
>I'm just mucking about as a 'single user', then I generally connect the PC
>to the PDP via a funky adapter cable I cobbled together one dark and
>stormy night.
> BTW: I use pins 2,3 and 7, and map them to the appropriate 9-pin pins on
>the laptop side, whose exact pin numbers escape at the moment, but it's
>too easy to find them out.
> Until you get a replacement 'tube', perhaps a nice terminal emulator on
>your PC or Mac might get you going. There was a long thread recently on
>Emulators for this purpose - a lot of us here use and like 'CRT', but
>there are other products. FWIW, I have *never* had anything other than
>horrible experiences with 'Hyperterm' that comes bundled in all Windows,
>but YMMV.
NEVER try to do anything useful with HyperTerm. You will quickly find
that it is the WORST vt100 emulator available. Besides starting up at
80x23, strange implementation of some of the basic escape sequences,
and overall flakiness; the keyboard mapping is horrible. You can get
either one backspace, or two or more deletes. You cannot send a single
delete. 80/132 mode is non-existant. Gah! don't get me started!

For a decent VT220 emulation, Kermit-95 on Windows, or even xterm on a
version of Linux is MUCH nicer. ANYTHING else is better than HyperTerm.
Others at least try to follow the stantards.
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