Needed - VT terminal

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Fri Sep 12 12:27:00 2003

  I use VanDyke's CRT, on a n IBM Thinkpad laptop, as a console for my

 I have a few VT220s and a re-badged Televideo VT100 lookalike, but when
I'm just mucking about as a 'single user', then I generally connect the PC
to the PDP via a funky adapter cable I cobbled together one dark and
stormy night.

  BTW: I use pins 2,3 and 7, and map them to the appropriate 9-pin pins on
the laptop side, whose exact pin numbers escape at the moment, but it's
too easy to find them out.

  Until you get a replacement 'tube', perhaps a nice terminal emulator on
your PC or Mac might get you going. There was a long thread recently on
Emulators for this purpose - a lot of us here use and like 'CRT', but
there are other products. FWIW, I have *never* had anything other than
horrible experiences with 'Hyperterm' that comes bundled in all Windows,
but YMMV.


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