Price Check on Aisle 5

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 12:39:00 2003

>You have conflicting requirements, if you are
>interested in the price it will get today, then thats
>an auction price which varies day by day.
>If you are interested in what the price would be if it
>were, say, for sale in an online antique store, thats
>a different, but generally more stable (and higher)
>price. But you couldn't sell it today.
>You are asking for a stable price that can sell today,
>sorry, that doesn't exist.

Yes, I understand what I want is rather conflicting.

I think what I want is really two things. 1: a way to find a "value",
kind of like a price guide... and 2: a way to know if its a selling item.

Once I know both, I can then make the decisions if I want to sell it,
keep it for sale later, keep it until it sells, or give/throw it away.

What I am trying to avoid is throwing out stuff that I think is
worthless, only to find later that someone really needed it, or that it
was worth a lot of money.

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