Price Check on Aisle 5

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 12:42:00 2003

>If you haven't visited yet then you're missing out on a lot of good stuff
>that's currently listed for for great prices. Here's a link to all the
>currently listed free stuff:

I stopped by there right before posting my email. I do plan to test the
waters there to see what happens.

What made me decide to post the email was because I have someone
interested in one of my 128k Macs, but I have zero idea what the value
is. eBay shows none for sale, or sold recently, and nothing turned up on
the vintage market place either (although it is my first look there, so
I've not figured out all the search nuances yet).

I could have simply asked what is a 128k Mac worth, but since that is
just the item of *right now* and I have 4 offices full of similar items I
need to do something with, I figured it was easier to see where people
used to find the value of stuff.

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