Disposing of a Collection

From: Antonio Carlini <arcarlini_at_iee.org>
Date: Mon Sep 15 14:45:01 2003

> I am looking for a couple of items, which if you have, I
> would be happy to pay you for. I want to find an Emulex SC72
> or SC71 board set, which is an 11/70 specific massbuss to SMD
> controller. And I am looking for any documentation on the
> 11/55 (printset, manuals, etc.) that I can find.

Al Kossow's site has a couple of manuals. You can find
stuff like this using Manx:


and putting 11/55 into the search box.

Manx doesn't (yet) cover 3rd party stuff so the
Emulex stuff doesn't show up but there are bits
on the web. In this case Al's site also has
some SC72 stuff:



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