collection organising

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Sep 15 20:26:15 2003

> OK, current situation: Everything spread to hell and back in several different
> rooms. Although I do seem to know where things are!
> Desired situation: Something a little more organised :-)

I have found that 'being organised' is incompatable with being a 'hacker' ;-)

> I can't decide whether to try and keep things related to each manufacturer
> together (hardware, manuals, software, cables, spares etc.), or to keep like
> objects together (cables regardless of what machine they're for, spares all in
> one place etc.).

I tend to mix the 2 schemes. Generic parts (resistors, TTL chips, RS232
cables, etc) are kept 'like with like'. Specific parts (complete/bare
PCBs, chassis parts, etc) are kept by machine.

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