collection organising

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Sep 17 04:22:00 2003

One big problem with organizing your collection is that it is too easy to
tell when you have way too many of some item and should really stop getting
more. For example when everything is scattered around the house, garage,
and storage, one can never have too many Apple logo power cords, but once
you start putting them in a box and it fills up the fun kind of goes out of
it. Also with a tidy collection you never get the thrill of finding some
item again while moving stuff around.

OTOH if the working portion, not just the functional stuff, but the stuff
you need to play with your toys, isn't where you can find it, playtime is
reduced, plus a lot of wandering around to find stuff and you look senile.

Two tips
Forget rubber bands, they don't last the sort of time we tend to let things
sit on the shelf, plus twist ties are generally free excepting the labor of
plucking them apart.

Clear storage, bins or ziplock bags, and you can be lazy and never label
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