HP 85B Schematics wanted

From: Andreas Holz <asholz_at_topinform.com>
Date: Tue Sep 16 02:17:00 2003


what are the 'MoHPC' CD-Roms?


Tony Duell wrote:

>>I am working on a HP 85B with a dead power supply. No +5, +12 just
>>37volts on the large cap on the power supply board. Can anyone please
>>help. Schmatics would be great! - Dave
>How different is the PSU to the HP85 PSU? The schematics for that are in
>the HP85 'Assembly Level Service Manual' (yes, it sounds like a
>board-swapper guide, but there are full schematics in the back). That's
>on the MoHPC CD-ROMs...
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