HP 85B Schematics wanted

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Tue Sep 16 15:21:00 2003

> Tony,
> what are the 'MoHPC' CD-Roms?

MoHPC == Museum of Hewlett-Packard Calculators. The URL is
http://www.hpmuseum.org (and it's a lynx-friendly site :-)). It's run by
David Hicks, who has got permission from HP to scan manuals for obsolete
HP calculators (and computers? certainly the HP71, 75 and 85 are on the
list) and sell CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs containing said scans.

The CD-ROMs cost me something like $42 for the set of 7 disks (including
postage to the UK). They contain a _lot_ of manuals as .pdf files (but
just images, not OCRed, so you can't search them). I regard this as
_spectacularly_ good value.

Most of the manuals are user manuals, but there are a few service manuals
too, including the HP85 one. There are also software Pac manuals,
solution books, etc.

Poke around on his site -- I think there's a list of what's on the disks.

Basically, if you are interested in old HP calculators and have a way to
read CD-ROMs and view/print .pdf files, you _want_ these disks.

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