Help for a Brother! (fwd)

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 13:31:00 2003

Which model is/was it?
There are several different formats that were used, some of which can be
read by some MS-DOS machines. (a little harder with Windoze)

> And thusly Mike Luther spake:
> >
> > Subject sorta says it all!
more FACTUAL detail would help.

> > A friend was still keeping tons of correspondence on a Brother Word Processor
> > even up until a year or so,
> > until the Windows Genie showed up. You know, one of
> > the ones with the old fashioned LCD screen and so on, the integrated
> > Brotherhood! Grin.

Is "Windows Genie" the model name for her machine?

> > You know, the one which only stored whatever you wrote on
> > floppy disks, I think 3-1/2 inch stuff if my memory is correct.
> >
> > Well, the Great God of Fire settled on the building into which she had taken
> > refuge up in Idaho, not too long ago. And with it .. to wherever good Brothers
> > go when consumed, went the Brother Word Processor. So now she is faced with a
> > whole box full of floppy disks with all the correspondence. The consumate
> > backup, if you will. And as luck would have it, she needs .. for tax purposes,
> > copies of some of the letters that were all put together on this ingenious
> > all-in-one member of the Order of the Benevolent Infiniture of Brothers!
Is THAT the model name? or just more flowery language to wade through

> > Sigh .. What now?
> >
> > Does anyone here know about operating system, word processing format, any of
> > this for this Order? I've nver seen anything about how the scribes stored this
> > stuff. Heck, I don't even know if I can mount one of these diskettes on my OS/2
> > Warp MCP2 level system, much less translate the dialect?

Have you TRIED??

> > Heck, it might be an
> > evil byte of an Apple clone for all I know!
doubtful, but hard to tell with no information
> > Ideas?
> > --> Sleep well; OS/2's still awake! ;)
same shut-down problems as Windoze98?
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