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From: chris <>
Date: Tue Sep 16 15:15:00 2003

Well, I had planned to do this next month, as I'm not *really* ready for
it yet, but I was just informed that our sublet is going thru on Oct 1st.

So... provided the hurricane doesn't hit this weekend (Sept 20,21) I'm
having an open house for anyone that wants to stop in and pick thru what
I have to get rid of. Not everything you will see is available, but a
very large portion of it is (if you want it, ask). And most of what is
available is either really really cheap, or totally free. I have to have
it all out before the last week of September.

A small sample of what I have:

IBM System 23's
small IDE drives (less than 500 MB)
5.25 floppy drives (1.2's and 360's)
CGA monitors
VGA monitors (640x480 only)
Leading Edge PCs
Ads ViewPoint terminals
cables, cables, cables
AT Keyboards
Mac ADB keyboards
68k Macs (desktop and All-In-One)
Assorted cards (ISA, MCA, sound, maynard, risers, token ring, et al)
A/V equipment (tape decks mostly)
ASR 33 Teletype
AT&T Unix machines (63?? runs System V and has some kind of DOS card in
IBM PCjr with parallel side car (PCjr, screen, keyboard, power brick)
Some software and manuals
Some Apple II odds and ends (drive, IIe logic board, other stuff)
Printers (Dot Matrix, Ink Jet, Laser)

And lots and lots of other assorted computer and A/V stuff (as well as
some general office furniture) that I haven't mentioned.

 Lots of it is probably worth money, which I have zero of right now, so
if you want something and you know its worth money, feel free to be nice
and pay me for it. I lack the time to try and sell any of it, so if you
aren't nice, I'm getting exactly what I would get for it if you don't
take it... NOTHING! I'm already pissed at how much of the stuff I spent
money on, and is now going to be thrown out before I got to play with it.

A good chunk of the stuff is still untested. Could be good, could be bad.
Anything known good is labeled as such, but I've spent the last month
testing and haven't made much of a dent. (limited testing will be
available on site, it will depend on what it is that needs to be tested)

The open house is at my office in Ridgwood New Jersey (07450). Email me
for directions and any questions. Time is flexible, I'll probably be here
most of the weekend anyway, but chances are I'll be the only one, so
please let me know in advance if you want to stop in so I can leave doors
unlocked and notes as where to find me.

In the event that Hurricane Isabelle hits this weekend, I'll postpone
until during the week... but there is a very good chance I can't keep
things until the following weekend. Of course, anyone that wants to stop
in before or after this weekend, that's fine too... first come first

I don't have the time to ship anything, so if there is something you know
I have, and you want it shipped, you better be able to make it worth my
time ($$$). Nothing will be held for later pickup. If you can't take it
when you are here, then someone else can, or you'd better be back before
it hits the dumpster.

Sorry to seem like a PITA about this, but my deadline came faster than I
expected, and right in the middle of me doing other jobs I can't put off.
If I don't have things cleared out before the end of the month, it will
be done for me, which means EVERYTHING will be thrown out (and there is
some stuff I need to keep, so I'm fighting a fast moving clock).

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