at&t mainframe

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Wed Sep 17 23:08:00 2003

> jim wrote:
> >what is an at&t mainframe? one they owned, or manufactured?

Perhaps it's a largish AT&T minicomputer, like the multi-processor

> >if it is one of the 3B's it probably wont get me interested, but if it

AT&T 3Bxxxx systems are not all alike... some are little tiny machines
like the 3B1 (which is totally different from the other 3Bx and 3Bxxxx
systems... not sure why they called it a 3Banything, except for
marketing purposes... it's more like a re-engineered CT miniframe with
built-in video), then there are the vastly larger multi-processor
machines that are of an entirely different design.

> >I just have not heard the term "mainframe" applied to any 3B's and
> >don't know what else they may have.

Let's just say that some 3Bxxxx systems are not at all small, but I
would guess that they're still classified as minicomputers, not
mainframes... depending upon one's definition of mainframe.

> >if these are switching systems, I assume they are of the 3, 4 or 5ESS
> >classes?

Probably unlikely... more like one, or more, WE[something] proessors,

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