Bulk Erase 8" floppies

From: Nico de Jong <nico_at_farumdata.dk>
Date: Wed Sep 17 23:17:00 2003

> And thusly Fred Cisin spake:
> >
> >
> > There is no visible difference between SD single density v DD Double
> > density.
> > But, if you take a look at SS Single sided v DS double sided, the index
> > hole is in a different place!
> In relation to what? How is the index hole in a different place? (I have
> only *seen* 8" floppies and drive, never actually used one)

I must humbly admit that Fred is right. It just never occurred to me to look at the index holes. Probably because of the drives I'm using.

When you have the floppy in front of you, with the label in the upper left corner, the index hole for SSSD disks is offset about 10 degrees from the center, on the right side. If you imagene a watch (with hands), and the long hand is at twelve, the index hole would be at half past 12 or so. The hole for DSDD is at about 1 o'clock

Jeez, how embarrassing, and I am supposed to be a media expert...

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