Help! Too much stuff, but love all of it :-)

From: Gunther Schadow <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 00:00:00 2003

Help! I can't work with any of my gear any more because it's
all in the way! But I really do like it all. Anyway, I will
have to let go of something.

There is that HP 9000 K class machine with Ethernet, FDDI,
dual DDS2 tape drive and RAID disk array, all in a nice setup,
original with HP-UX and an HP term. Not too loud and not
too slow. Nice useable UNIX system. So beautiful, but I don't
know where to put it and be able to do something with it.

Then the DEC 7000. What a beautiful machine! What a nice sound!
It's got plenty of CPU and memory and SCSI and all but still
I can't use it, or if I do I can't work on my VAX 11/780, which
is the main thing I want to do.

I am thinking about selling to recoup some of my costs, but
then, before I sell for a rediculously low price I'd rather
give it away or trade. I still want a VAX 4000 - 700 or 105A
in a pedestal as my last addition to the family. That would be
a trade. If you want some of it, make an offer in $$ or machine
or parts. I still need some PDP-8/A parts, memory, power supply,
or an RA60 drive, or VAX 11/780 cabinet remains (delivered to
my door.) This is not a OBO by next Saturday kind of sale,
but if you are interested you're welcome to make an offer.

I am in Indianapolis.

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