Compaticard IV- Geoff Does Happy Happy joy joy dance...

From: Nico de Jong <>
Date: Wed Sep 17 23:26:00 2003

> > I was digging through storage boxes of cruft here and what should I happen
> > upon.... a Compaticard IV... YAY! however the disks that came with it are
> > gone :( so.... does anyone have the software for it? and can I get a
> > copy? and is uniform still available?
> Attached is the software that you need. It will get 'scraped off'
> for list consumption. Uniform is only available if you can find
> someone with a copy and manual. MicroSolutions does not support
> either CompatiCard or Uniform any more.
Could I talk one of you to mail me the software too ? To be real folkloristic, I can tell you that I once made up a bootable MS-DOS 3.something 8" SSSD floppy. I could also read SSSD 3740 disks. Formatting (3740) was a different kettle of fish. I never succeeded

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