$$$ BOUNTY : HP 2895B paper tape punch racking info

From: Jay West <jwest_at_classiccmp.org>
Date: Thu Sep 18 10:05:00 2003

I'm offering a cash bounty for information on rackmounting the HP 2895B
paper tape punch. I have this gorgeous 2895B on a nice sliding tray with
telescoping slides. The telescoping slides then mount to other stationary
rails inside the HP cabinet. This is all standard-issue HP stuff. However, I
can find no way that this drawer will mount to standard HP stationary rails
(L brackets). This means one of two things... either the hardware on the
sides of the tray was put together wrong by the previous owner and I can't
figure out for the life of me how the pieces should be assembled, or, the
2895B rackmount drawer requires special (different) stationary rails inside
the HP rack that I don't have.

The bounty is for information as to either how to correctly rackmount what I
have, or, acquiring the correct stationary rails. I know this sounds picky,
but everything in this particular restoration is completely "authentic", and
I don't want to mess that up with "jerry-rigging" a non-standard mount for
this one item.

The 12926A (the HP part number for the whole 2895B kit, including interface
card, cables, diagnostics, etc.) manual does show the 2895B racked with a
side view. However, this picture shows the punch, drawer, and slides but
does not show how that assembly is bolted to the inside of the HP rack.

As to where to look, the 12926A manual lists another manual which MAY
contain the sought after information. This manual is:

HP 2985B Tape Punch Operating and Service Manual, part number 02895-90008

However, I seem to recall that this manual above only says "For rackmounting
instructions, see the instructions that came with your rackmount kit".

In addition, the actual rack mount kit for the punch is part number
02895-60002 (light grey) or 02895-60003 (moss grey). This kit would surely
have the instructions for assembly in it.

Can anyone help?

Jay West
Received on Thu Sep 18 2003 - 10:05:00 BST

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