Replacing VT flybacks

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 10:21:01 2003

Tothwolf wrote:

>Is there a commonly available flyback that will work in the VT340? I've
>been unable to locate a service manual for that model terminal, and don't
>really know much about the flyback that it uses. Mine let out its magic
>smoke some time back, and I'm really starting to miss that color VT.
When I fixed several VT220's/320's, I just read the part number off the
itself, and went to a local electronics shop and ordered a replacement
based on that. Bought the transisters from Radio Shack, and replaced them
without testing the original, since they were probably stressed out
from the fried flyback and I didn't want to see those terminals come
back again.

I quit repairing them when replacements became cheaper to buy than the
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