Replacing VT flybacks (was: Re: Needed - VT terminal)

From: Antonio Carlini <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 13:08:00 2003

> Is there a commonly available flyback that will work in the
> VT340? I've been unable to locate a service manual for that
> model terminal, and don't really know much about the flyback
> that it uses. Mine let out its magic smoke some time back,
> and I'm really starting to miss that color VT.

You'll find a VT330 Pocket Service guide if you look here:

I don't recall how close that is to a VT340. I also have
Illustrated Parts Breakdowns for both the 330 and 340 which
may help. If all you want to do is replace the flyback,
then I assume that it is easily identified and all you
want is an available replacement part number - the
manuals are unlikely to help there.

Antonio Carlini   
Received on Thu Sep 18 2003 - 13:08:00 BST

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