Basic Four mini available in AL.

From: J.C. Wren <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 13:10:01 2003

        If it's an emergency rescue, I can probably pick this unit up for someone and
hold in my warehouse until it can be picked up from me. I have no interest
in the unit myself. I'm about 2 hours away from her location.


On Thursday 18 September 2003 13:28 pm, Mike wrote:
> Hi all,
> Anita at wants to find a good home for her Basic
> Four minicomputer. She is located in N. Alabama near the Georgia line and
> would like to hear from anyone interested. I might be able to help anyone
> going for this in terms of some software (disk packs of BOSS, Business
> Basic, and some accounting crap) and documentation that I have with mine,
> though her's seems to include 'stuff' too...
> ;)
> - Mike:
> Hello Mike, As far as I know it works, I have books and disc with it but
> the person who worked with this computer is no longer around, no I would
> not trash it as I know it is old and yes it is really BIG. I would like it
> to go to someone who might know how to use it. Thank you for asking around.
> Anita
> Hi Anita,
> > Hello I have an old basic four computer can you tell me where I can sell
> it,
> > what it might be worth? Thank You Anita
> I have one of those too. Mine was given to me for free for simply
> relieving the owner of the 'burden' because it was a big and heavy old
> minicomputer and too much in his way.
> If you want to sell it, I'd suggest getting the model numbers on everything
> that you can see, describing the parts and condition (software and
> documentation too) as well as you can, and even posting some digital
> pictures of the system and then either using or
> for the best financial results, but shipping
> can be a real pain and expensive for these large systems though.
> As far as worth... Technically, I'd say the machine is worth saving for
> historical reasons so please don't trash it if you have trouble selling it
> now. Worth is pretty subjective and sporadic these days. Prices seem to
> be on the low side watching eBay. So guessing anywhere from $0 to a few
> hundred. High side if working.
> If you were close and I was less poor right now I'd be more interested in
> it myself. There is a internet-list of classic computer enthusiasts that I
> could ask for you and maybe find someone locally interested, but those
> folks like there old systems cheap, but care for them deeply.
> Good luck
> - Mike
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