My IIgs machines

From: TeoZ <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 19:52:00 2003

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> > My IIgs computers are safe. There was a tremendous response on these
> > I said I would be throwing any away that weren't claimed. I had no idea
> > they were such a popular computer.
> Myself, I like them a lot. Other than the Super NES and the CMD SuperCPU
> for the C64, they're the only widespread implementation of the 65816.
> Plus, it's a darn fine computer with good compatibility with its older
> brethren but nice graphics and sound as well, something you don't see on
> the Atari ST or the Amiga.
> Just wish the clock speed were better. Freaking Apple.

While being compatible with the older generation might be desirable you also
have to keep the old baggage that went along with the earlier design even if
its out of date (x86 architecture we have now isnt optimal because of

I like my IIgs but dont have no desire for the older apple II.

Besides I think the Amiga was miles ahead of the C64 and the ST was a decent
jump ahead of the 800xl.

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