Suggested solution regarding Jim Willing

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Thu Sep 18 23:26:00 2003

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Doug Salot wrote:

> On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:
> > This is just a suggestion. No one is obligated to adhere to it. Anyone
> > is free to take their own independent course of action.
> I'm all for your suggestion, but it kind of requires Jim's cooperation.
> Have you talked to him about it?
> What pisses me off is that he didn't bother to communicate status. If I
> were in the apparently sad situation Jim is in, I certainly wouldn't want
> to piss off the one community that had supported him in the past. I would
> have been much more willing to write it off as a loss if he had merely let
> me know personally that he couldn't ship anytime soon (or ever) and that
> he was using my money for a good cause (like rent).

My recollection is that he did, in fact, put out email that seemed
to rather fully explain the debacle in which he was caught up. It
was to the list, however, and not to individuals as far as I know.

Does my memory fail me?

                                                - don

> I believe that Jim's intentions were probably good and that he's just
> become incredibly irresponsible as well as in deep financial shit, but
> just in case he really decided to turn to a life of crime, let me ask
> this...
> Did anybody else "buy" the Sol-20 he had listed for sale?
> -- Doug
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