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Date: Thu Sep 18 23:10:00 2003

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Ed Sharpe wrote:
> From: "Mike Ford" <>
> > Two tips Forget rubber bands, they don't last the sort of time we tend
> > to let things sit on the shelf, plus twist ties are generally free
> > excepting the labor of plucking them apart.
> >
> > Clear storage, bins or ziplock bags, and you can be lazy and never
> > label anything.
> beware of how certain types of plastic react with the case of
> computers... I have seen things stored in hot areas and the plastic on
> the cords sortta reacts and eats a grove in the plastic computer
> case.....

Rubber bands and just about any type of tape should never be used to
bundle cords. Twist-ties, zip-ties, and even string are much better
alternatives. Beware of cheap dyed paper type twist-ties though, as they
can stain PVC jacketed cables.

PVC jacketed cables will react with both styrene and ABS. Many computer
cases are made of an ABS blend, and of course the bulk of the form fitting
packing materials used for computers is made of styrene. This is why
manufacturers put all the cables in poly bags before boxing and shipping.
In some cases, certain ABS blends can also react with styrene, which is
why you also see many devices bagged before being packed.

Higher temperatures speed up the reaction of PVC with styrene and ABS.

For those of us with large cable collections, a supply of poly bags on
spools and a heat sealer tend to be a good investment...

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