OT: Being bombarded by e-mail trojans

From: J.C. Wren <jcwren_at_jcwren.com>
Date: Sat Sep 20 13:15:37 2003

        I fail to understand how anyone with half a neuron, or even a
congresscritter, can think that spammers have rights that need to be
protected. They operate on the grace of a federally and privately funded
networks, and never pay the true cost of what spamming costs. It's also one
more clear point why lobby groups should be illegal.

        I can't even think of a good example to compare these spamming morons to.
Personally, I think CNN Headline News should run "Executions _at_ 8", where we
line up the spammers, walk down the line with a Colt .45, and put a round
through their face. And you get to enter a lottery for $2 if you want to be
the triggerman. If that doesn't slow them down, it's hard to imagine what
else will.

        There's just NO justification for their existence, past, present or future.
And only a crongresscritter could fail to understand that.


On Saturday 20 September 2003 13:44 pm, Patrick Rigney wrote:

[ much snippage ]

> Congress has done an embarrassingly bad job of addressing the spam issue
> meangingfully so far--pretty much useless, IMO. They need to be informed,
> they need to open their minds and really understand the issues, and they
> need to understand why what they have done so far isn't effective, and that
> technical solutions alone will not address the problem. And, enforcement
> and prosecution needs to be handled as a criminal matter, with real
> interest and urgency on the part of law enforcement, not a civil matter
> that's so potentially burdensome on the complainant that it's not worth the
> effort.

[ more snippage ]
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