Old Computer Usage

From: Bill Allen Jr <n8uhn_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat Sep 20 14:40:03 2003

My Ibm ps/2 286 desktop and gateway 2000 486 laptop
are used on a regular basis
 to program motorola two way radios and plc's.

the laptop is used in the field also.

alot of the early plc's (programable logic controller)
and programable radios (from
ge and motorola) use software from the pre 486 era and
cannot run on a
pc faster then a 486 - some won't run on anything
faster the a 386.

the i/o and proc speed on a 486 and up is just too
fast for the software and
the "slowdown" software that put's the cpu into a time
wasting loop causes
even more prob's.

i also dust off the ibm pc/xt every now and then to
play all the early games and
game clones that wont run on anything faster in it's
orignal release.


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My Mark 8 and Kim-1 computers run 24/7 doing fun
stuff, and I have a
Digital Group computer that I use for games and a
little programming.
286 AT clone does chip programming.


Robert Little wrote:
> Okay, just a quick show of hands...
> How many of us out there actually use the systems we
> have on a fairly regular basis? Personally, all of
> systems are used regularly. For instance, my Toshiba
> T1800 has software that can only run at a useful
> on a 386, my battery of Macs are dedicated astronomy
> and graphics machines and I even use an Apple IIgs
> planetarium programming, not counting the Tandy
> 102 that I use as my erstwhile PDA.
> Curious,
> Rob
> =====
> Robert Little
> Astronomy & Space Educator
> Talcott Mountain Science Center
> Avon, CT
> "I have loved the stars too dearly to be fearful of
the night..."
> Sarah Williams
> "The Old Astronomer to His Pupil"


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