Mountain Hardware expansion chassis

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Sep 20 21:35:53 2003

I found a courious item today, a Mountain Hardware expansion chassis for
the Apple II. Its about the same foot print as a Apple II, but its taller
and has a card that plugs into the host apple and provides like half a
dozen slots. No clue what I may do with it, but had to grab it when I saw
it at the swapmeet today.

Another curious thing, a load of calculator sized terminals from Pacific
Bell, but no clue about what exactly they do, so I didn't buy any (should
be at swapmeet next week too). Nothing was obvious about the function,
small 4 line lcd display, alphanumeric keypad, and from looking at a larger
similar unit they attech to a typical POTS phone wire.
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