Old Computer Usage

From: Thomas Dzubin <dzubint_at_vcn.bc.ca>
Date: Mon Sep 22 17:14:36 2003

On Thu Sep 18 14:49:22 2003, Robert Little wrote:
> Okay, just a quick show of hands...
> How many of us out there actually use the systems we
> have on a fairly regular basis? Personally, all of my

(Sorry, I'm a bit late to this thread)

This might be stretching the definition of "Old Computer", but...
I use my 1978-era TI-57 programmable calculator daily and when
I'm stressed out, I still pull out my circa-1989 GameBoy with Tetris
or I head to my basement and plug in the Mattel Intellivision for
a game or two.

My 1989/1990 VAXen get regular use surfing the 'net
(I use the Lynx text browser...I'm a die-hard text/command line guy)
(although my VAX consoles are fairly new '386 laptops running MS-Kermit)

Thomas Dzubin
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