Weekend finds in Tulsa and St. Louis

From: Keys <jrkeys_at_concentric.net>
Date: Mon Sep 22 17:17:32 2003

Sorry, yes they are the pocket units.
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> > 2- Neo Geo's one black and one blue, I left a silver one as it was
> > Got one game cartridge.
> I take it that these are the Handhelds? When you say Neo Geo most of us
> that know what they are probably think of the AES (home) or MVS (arcade)
> systems. Any true gamer needs either an AES or a MVS system! The
> handhelds are pretty nice as well, they're actually better than the
> Gameboy Advance systems (the ones that don't have the backlight).
> On a Neo Geo note, I finally got in my shipment of "Shock Boxes" for all
> MVS carts! Now to get labels made for them for all the carts :^)
> Zane
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